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Frequently Asked Questions about STALLION XL

What is the difference between STALLION XL and prescription drugs against impotence, like Viagra or Cialis?
Stallion XL for better erection is not a prescription drug and DOES NOT contain any synthetic chemical which are found in prescription drugs, like Viagra. It is an all natural formula designed to boost blood flow to the penis and improve sexual performance and the hardness of your erections. This formula has been thoroughly tested for efficiency and results show that STALLION XL is the best natural soluton on the market for better erection.

Is Stallion XL only for people with impotence?
NOT REALLY! There are also many STALLION XL customers who only use it to increase their sex drive and stamina. We recommend STALLION XL to any man who would like to increase his sexual experience and have the most from his sex. However it is also the best natural solution for everyone with erection problems (erectile dysfunction).

Does Stallion XL also help against problems with premature ejaculation?
YES IT DOES! There are many reports of satisfied customers who experienced not only erection boosting effects but also better control over the ejaculation. This is why Stallion XL is marked as the best natural products for better sex.

When will I notice results?
Usually customers report of better and longer erections immediately, even after first use. There is also some smaller percentage of men who will start noticing results after some days. You may also notice increased size of your penis since Stallion XL is improving penile blood flow. Stallion XL also increases sexual stamina and desire, and makes sexual intercourse longer. Not to mention it also improves sexual pleasure.

What is the recommended dosage?
Take 1 - 2 capsules of Stallion XL every day. It is recommended that you start with 2 capsules daily for the first 2 weeks and after that you reduce to 1 capsule per day. Some customers also report that it is enough for them to take Stallion XL only before sex, but for maximum benefits it is recommended to take it daily. The reason for this is that effects of Stallion XL are comulative which makes it much more efficient with continuous use. Anyway you should stop taking Stallion XL for some days every 3 weeks.

Does Stallion XL have any side effects?
Our product is well tollerated in most cases, and you should not have any side effects when taking it as directed. However you should always read the label and use as directed. In case you have any serious medical conditions, such as heart conditions, or are you on medication, please check the ingredients with your doctor before use.

What are the extracts?
An extract is the concentrated herb. For example, the ingredient Tongkat Ali in Stallion XL is in a 100:1 concentration. That means that it takes 100 kilograms of this herb to make 1 kilogram of extract. Extracts in Stallion XL are the most powerful and safe anti-impotence herbs available on the market.

Do I need any prescription to use Stallion XL?
NO! You do not need any prescription or embarrassing doctor visits to get Stallion XL. Stallion XL is totally natural remedy and not a pharmaceutical drug. This is why it does not contain any synthetic chemicals which are casual for prescription drugs, like Viagra or Cialis.

In what time will I receive the package?
Usually we ship the orders the same day when we receive the order. We always send an email notification once your order of Stallion XL is dispatched. We ship our products from New Zealand and we offer Airmail (4-12 days) or Courier (2-5 days) shipping option. We always do all we can to get you your products as quick and safe as possible and at the same time we watch that order is shipped discreetly.

Is it 100% safe to order this online?
YES! Ordering online from our page uses the most advanced bank processing system and is even safer than using your credit card in a shop or a restaurant. We will never store your credit card details or give them to other parties. In case you would like to pay via bank wire, Western Union or Paypal, please contact us and we will help you.

Do you ship your product discreetly?
YES WE DO! We ship Stallion XL in totally discreete plain package. There is no indication on it which could tell anyone what is inside. We always do our bests to keep our customers fully satisfied. And discreete shipping is surely one of the ways.

What name will show in my bank monthly statement?
We use more different banks to process credit cards. We always send every customer an email with this information once we have billed his credit card. The name on your statement is very discreet, and it does not mention the product.

Do you offer any money-back guarantee?
YES! In the case you are 100% satisfied with the effects of Stallion XL, you may return the bottles within 60 days of purchase, and we will give your money back! This include product price minus shipping & handling fees, on any number of unopened bottles of Stallion XL and even up to 1 opened bottle of Stallion XL. Even if it is completely empty!

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