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What are the ingredients of STALLION XL?

The STALLION XL anti impotence natural product includes a totally herbal mix of powerful plant extracts. (An extract is the concentrated herb. For example, the ingredient Tongkat Ali in Stallion XL is in a 100:1 concentration. That means that it takes 100 kilograms of this herb to make 1 kilogram of extract. Extracts in Stallion XL are the most powerful and safe anti-impotence herbs available on the market).

HORNY GOAT WEED [10:1 extract]:
horny goat weedAlso known under the names: Epimedium, Rowdy Lamb Herb, Barrenwort, Bishop's Hat, Fairy Wings, or Yin Yang Huo. Horny Goat Weed has a very strong aphrodisiac properties and it also boosts libido and increases erectile function. It was first described in the Chinese medical books. Nowadays Epimedium has an important position in Traditional Chinese medicine and it is also becoming more and more popular worldwide for its powerful anti-impotence properties.
TONGKAT ALI [100:1 extract]:
tongkat ali Also known as Eurycoma longifolia and Pasak Bumi. Tongkat ali is a well-known testosterone booster which grows in Malaysia. It has been used to cure impotence for centuries. Tongkat ali is known for its special properties in development of male sexual organs and also in sperm health and production increase. Recent research showed that it also has Anti-Cancer, Anti-Fever and Anti-Oxidant Properties.
GINKGO BILOBA [50:1 extract]:
ginkgo bilobaGinkgo biloba is a herb which improves blood circulation, oxygenation and also blood flow into the genitals. This improves sexual function and the hardness of your erections. Ginko biloba also improves brain properties, eyesight and memory. Some studies also showed its good effect when treating Alzheimer's (multi-infarct) dementia and cerebral insufficiency.
PANAX GINSENG [20:1 extract]:
panax ginsengThe main ingredient of this herb ginsenoside, which is well-known to improve blood circulation to the penis area and also improves sperm health. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that Panax Ginseng increases the Yang energy, improves blood circulation and supply while it also revitalizes and aids recovery from weakness after illness and helps the body when it is tired. Panax Ginseng is also one of the aphrodisiacs.
SEMEN CUSCUTAE [10:1 extract]:
dodder seed Also known under the name Cuscuta chinensis, Tu Si Zi and Dodder seed.Semen Cuscutae works as an aphrodisiac and it increases the fertility. It has also been used as a premature ejaculation cure and to stop impotence. It is used in Chinese Traditional medicine to treat kidney problems and is one of the most known chinese herbs. Semen Cuscutae consist from many flavonoids and thus it has very strong antioxidant properties.
tribulus terrestris Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that has been used to help with infertility, erectile and libido problems for ages. Tribulus Terrestris also increases testosterone levels and thus increases male libido. This herb is also used for many other ailments, like as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and as mood-enhancing herb.
CNIDIUM MONNIERI [10:1 extract]:
Cnidium Monnieri Traditional Chinese medicine uses the seed from this herb as an ingredient to treat sexual dysfunctions because it relaxes the Corpus Cavernosa in the penis. This helps with the blood flow to the penis and thus makes harder and longer lasting erections. Other studies also showed that this herb works anti-tumor and is also helpful with anti-osteoporosis.
SAW PALMETTO [20:1 extract]:
saw palmetto Saw Palmetto is used to improve men's sexual health and prostate health. It increases libido since it is one of the aphrodisiacs. It is said that Saw Palmetto manages hair loss and relaxes the body. As well it has antiseptic properties.
Curculigo orchioides Also known under the name Black musli. CURCULIGO ORCHIOIDES is a strong aphrodisiac which is used in alternative medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and problems with sexual desire. It also helps with infertility since it increases sperm count and sperm motility. There are many people who reported its good effect in increasing their sperm volume.
OAT STRAW: [10:1 extract]:
oatstraw avena sativa Also known under the name Avena sativa. It increases sexual stamina and libido and thus increases the excitement and extends the orgams. Also it helps with body-relief and stops depression.
l-arginine L-arginine is an important chemical used by body to get and gain erections. It is very important amino accid which forms nitric oxide, the main regulator of erection. It is used to stop impotence and gain harder and longer lasting erections. Bodybuilders use -arginine as a human-growth stimulant and there are also reports about sperm volume enhancement.
piperine It is the compound of the black pepper and is known to speed up the time that body needs to absorb all the herbal ingredients of STALLION XL by up to 50 %! Piperine also has medicinal properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is known to reduce fevers and stomach aches by improving body's digestion.

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